How to Taste – Flavours derived from hops

Hops play a fundamental role in the beer brewing process. Flavours derived from hop may be regarded as a key flavour ingredient, namely speciality beers and some pale lager beers, given that it is from these flavours that the beer gains its bitter taste. Moreover, hops are used during the fermentation process as a preservative to prevent bacterial action.  However when found in high concentrations the flavours derived from hops can be overbearing and will change the flavour profile of the beer.


Examples of flavours derived from hops

  • Kettle Hop
  • Hop oil



Tasting for flavours derived from hops

To taste for flavours derived from hops, swirl the glass to release the aroma. Take short sniffs while holding the beer near the nose. Hold your nose with your fingers to prevent any air intakes. Now take about 20-25ml of beer into the mouth. Move it around for roughly 10 seconds before swallowing. As you swallow, let go of your nose and breath out.

What Does the Flavour Indicate?

Flavours derived fro hops are generally considered a desirable character to the flavour of the beer, especially pale lager beers. Flavours derived from hops can be deliberately added either in the form of hop grist or as an oil.