Attention to Detail

At the end of the day a taste panel produces results – but to get those results you need to ensure that everything runs smoothly within a taste panel. Effective taste panel management requires good attention to detail, small variables in running the panel can create big changes to any tasting results. Here are some tips for ensuring that your taste panel avoids any small mistakes that could lead to a tasting disaster.

Sample Handling

It’s very easy when rushing to mix up samples, label them incorrectly or mix up labels. This can have a dramatic effect on your tasting results! Sometimes your tasters will spot these errors when tasting, other times they’ll be missed entirely.

We recommend the best way to ensure that your samples are handled correctly is this – be methodical and take your time.

If you’re seen our Global Sensory Managers deliver training you’ll notice that they take their time about things and they will present samples to tasters in a very exact and controlled way. This is to avoid mixing up samples.

Every person has their own way of setting up and delivering samples but if you take your time, check everything is labelled correctly you’ll be confident that your taste panel is receiving the correct samples to taste.

The Golden Rule – If you think you’ve made a sampling mistake assume you have.

Rather than trying to guess if what you’ve done is correct or not and risk making a mistake assume you have. Dispose of any samples you are unsure of and replace them with fresh ones. This saves time, effort and most importantly you’ll be certain that the samples in front of your tasters are correct.