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Sensory Panel Management

Getting the best out of your tasters and assessors doesn’t just come from good training, it’s how you manage your taste panel.

Having world class tasters is not enough to ensure that your products are free from defects and of the highest quality. The way in which you run a taste panel can have a dramatic effect on your tasters no matter how good they are at tasting.

With this in mind you’ll find information and some advice in this area about taste panel management. From simple things you can do to improve your taste panels to major changes you should be making.

Getting the best from your taste panel

Attention to detail


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Lab in the Bag

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Tasting Knowledge

There are many flavours in beverages and as many ways to taste them. Here you’ll find advice and guidance on the best way to taste for specific flavours and tips and tricks that can improve your taste panel’s abilities.

Below you’ll find a range of information and guidance on tasting. We’ll be building this information up over time to provide you with one source for tasting and flavour identification. Our Flavorfiles also contain tasting information so please feel free to download them, they are located in the Product section of the website.


How To Taste – Estery Flavours

How to Taste – Musty and Earthy Taints

How to Taste – Sulphur Flavours

How to Taste – Phenolic Taints

How to Taste – Flavours derived from Hops

How to taste – Taints imparted through packaging

How to Taste- Off-Flavours caused during maturation

How to Taste – Ageing Off Flavours