Website Privacy Policy

While accessing our website and other services ( we view and collect certain information about you. This to assist us in delivering our services to you in the best way possible. This includes the following:

  • Your IP address, geo-location, language, web browser and operating system that you used
  • How you use and access our website and software, we use cookies in this regards
  • Details such as email addresses, usernames and comments when you sign up for our forums and email newsletters
  • Details of posted links and forwarding information you may post on our website
  • Ordering details for products and services. Including the number and value of items purchased
  • Delivery addresses and names for orders and payments

No personal details are collected other than for the assistance of processing any orders you make and to ensure that they are shipped to you correctly.

Payment details are captured either through direct contact with one of our team or in the case of on-line credit card payments these are taken and processed directly by PayPal via their secure and encrypted payment systems.

Data Storage

All this data is collected and secured in the UK via our secure systems. It is not recorded or forwarded to any other country. We cannot guarantee security of data initially transmitted by you over the internet.

This data may at times be viewed outside of the UK and the EU by one of our team who could be working outside of our facilities. This data will be transmitted securely in all cases. We do not share data with anyone else unless there is a requirement to do so from local law enforcement agencies.

At any time you may ask for details of what information we hold about you, which we will endeavour to provide within two weeks of the request.