Global Sensory Management

Global sensory and taster management for water and utility producers.

We’ve recognised the need of our customers to concentrate on the quality of their water without worrying about the little details.

Our team of highly experienced and multilingual Global Sensory Managers has a combined 40 years’ experience delivering all aspects of sensory management around the world. Our team provides training courses, education, taster proficiency management and assistance to our customers worldwide. 

We don’t just provide GMP Soft Drink Flavour Standards and taster validation, we provide hands on human management of tasters and sensory panels. Our Global Sensory Managers are capable of providing you with:
  • Multilingual delivery of training courses
  • Training on site at your production plant wherever it is in the world, from a simple course to full expert levels
  • Management of your sensory panels
  • Providing assistance with proficiency testing
  • Improving your sensory panel’s abilities
  • Specialised training and education
  • Improving the knowledge of marketing departments, helping them to completely understand your beverage and market

You can find our more about our Global Sensory Managers and how they can help your sensory panel through here.