Flavour Identification

As part of FlavorActiV’s Taster Validation Scheme we offer Water Flavour Identification, allowing you to objectively assess your panel’s ability to detect and identify flavours.

With flavour identification we routinely provide blind proficiency testing packs produced to GMP pharmaceutical quality levels so you can evaluate your taste panel’s capabilities and performance.

Our Flavour Identification packs are provided in pharmaceutical grade blister packaging to optimise stability and usability. The GMP flavour standards are presented in easy to use large colour coded capsules.

As the Taster Validation – Flavour Identification pack contains blind capsules, only FlavorActiV know the results which reduced any chances of biased. Once the Flavour Identification round is complete and all panellists’ answers have been recorded, FlavorActiV’s taster Validation System will generate and analyse your tasting results.


The Flavour Identification packs are quick and easy to use, permitting you to focus on sensory testing rather than sample preparation.

  • Push out the blind flavour standard you need through the foil seal.
  • Open the capsule by holding each end and twisting and pulling at the same time.
  • Pour into a litre of water.

After the proficiency session the empty capsule can be thrown into normal waste and any excess liquid after tasting can be normally disposed of. When you’ve used up the entire pack you can recycle the cardboard part by pulling apart the card and disposing of it with accordance to your local recycling regulations.

For more information about our Taster Validation Scheme and Flavour Identification please contact us.