On-site Taster Training

We’ve recognised the need of our customers to concentrate on the quality of their water without worrying about the little details. With this in mind we can provide on-site taster training to meet your sensory quality needs.

To enhance quality control it is important to have an efficient, reliable and well trained taste panel. With our on-site taster training you can be confident in your taste panel’s results and can be assured that your final product meets both your company’s and your consumers’ requirements. Detecting taints in your water before it reaches the market can help you quickly source and resolve the problem before having to undertake any costly measures to amend the error.

Organising a taster training takes both time and effort, from the recruitment, screening and training of the panel right through to regularly monitoring their performance. The correct management, organisation and training of a taste panel has a direct effect on your tasters’ performance.

Here at FlavorActiV, we understand that water producers don’t always have the time and experience needed to conduct a taster training effectively. With this in mind, FlavorActiV offer on-site taster training delivered in your local language. Our team of multilingual Global Sensory Managers provide the skills and tools necessary to train tasters at any level, whether they are from small independent panels or large corporate operations. Our Gloabal Sensory Managers are here to assist the taste panel leaders and will offer them support and guidance to guarantee optimum taster training results.

Once training is complete our team will be in regular contact to assess and evaluate your taste panel’s performance. They bring with them expert knowledge on how to get the best out your tasters, advice on how to run taste panels and produce better results from tasting. The experience our Global Sensory Managers have really can improve the quality of your product and help you avoid making costly mistakes.

To guarantee that you receive the most out of the taste panel, FlavorActiV offer personalised on-site taster training, to ensure the contents are tailored exactly to suit your sensory practices’ needs.

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