Rank Rating

FlavorActiV’s Rank Rating is one of the services provided within our Taster Validation Scheme.

The ability to scale flavour attributes is an essential skill for a sensory taste panel.

Our Rank Rating requires assessors to rank a set of the same GMP Flavour Standard in order of attribute intensity. The session is completed by assessors grading each sample based on a 0-10 scale. Your taste panel will know what flavour will be assessed during the Rank Rating session, however it will be up to them to grade and scale the samples. When the scaling has been completed and assessors’ results have been recorded, FlavorActiV’s Taster Validation System will generate and analyse the panel’s individual and collective results.

FlavorActiV only use one GMP Flavour Standard during the Rank Rating round so that assessors can concentrate on repeatedly assessing attribute intensity. This will reduce the chance of error and will improve your panel’s discrimination skills.

All the flavour standards provided in the Rank Rating rounds have been manufactured according to GMP pharmaceutical quality levels. This means that all FlavorActiV GMP Flavour Standards are produced to the highest quality level possible that far exceeds ISO 9001 and ISO 17025

If you would like more information about Rank Rating as part of our Taster Validation Scheme, please contact us.