What is GMP quality?

GMP Pharmaceutical Grade Quality Flavour Standards

Each flavour standard needs to be free from contaminants, to have a consistent flavour intensity and to be fit for human consumption.
Traditionally flavour standards were produced to food grade and ISO quality levels of production, however these were not suitable for today’s professional sensory panels. Both food grade and ISO quality including 9001 and 17025 do not ensure a quality product, only that specific processes have been met.
In an continuing effort to improve our products we have switched to GMP Flavour Standards which use the pharmaceutical industry’s quality standards – the ultimate in human consumption quality levels.

What is GMP?

GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices – FlavorActiV GMP Sof Drink Flavour standards are produced to the highest quality level possible that far exceeds ISO 9001 and ISO 17025, ensuring consistent product quality, full traceability of flavours, a guarantee that a flavour is fully replicated in whatever beverage its used in, confirmation that it’s absolutely safe for human consumption and no external contaminants or extraneous flavours will impact on the standard. ISO9001 and ISO17025  do not provide enough quality control for products that are intended for human consumption. Below you can find a comparison of GMP to ISO standards.

Our supply partners are licenced and accreditied by the UK Medicines Regulatory and Healthcare products Agency (MRHA) to produce pharmaceticals and apply these high quality control standards to our products.
Frequently Asked Questions:

I thought ISO was good enough? We use ISO, why GMP?

ISO was good enough at the time, but we recognised we needed better and our customers also demanded better quality levels. Our move to GMP is the natural evolution of our products as we refine and improve what we provide to our customers. ISO is suitable for some systems but we felt it was clearly unsuitable for flavour standards. GMP is in excess of ISO, so GMP meets any internal requirements for a minimum standard.

Does changing to GMP change the product?

In as far as our GMP Soft Drink Flavour Standards are now delivering a more consistent flavour for every capsule apart from that our flavour standards are the same as they have always been. 

Pharmaceutical quality levels? Does that mean the flavour standards have pharmaceuticals in?

Our GMP Flavour Standards are produced to pharmaceutical quality levels, these ensure that only the correct material is sourced, that only the correct material is used in the flavour standards and that lab analysis confirms this. Our FlavorActiV GMP Flavour Standards are produced in their own dedicated and custom built production facility for this purpose.

What analytical methods are you using? Why are these better than what you previously used?

We use a range of GC-MS, HPLC and IC analytical equipment to provide evaluation and certification of our flavour standards. These have a range of typical methods of analysis as well as a number of new methods developed exclusively for us by our GMP supply partners. These methods allow us to quantify down to the individual capsule level the exact concentration of flavour that is contained within. Traditionally this could only be accomplished for some flavours by sensory evaluation.

For more information about GMP or anything else please get in touch with us via email, GMPFlavours@flavoractiv.com