GMP Soft Drink Flavour Standards

GMP Soft Drink Flavour Standards for sensory panel training and proficiency testing.

Our GMP Soft Drink Flavour Standards are manufactured according to ‘Good Manufacturing Practice’ standards (GMP). GMP practices are concerned both with the production of our flavour standards and the quality control of our products.

Many beverage producers have used our flavour standards to improve their  taste panels ability to detect positive notes, off flavours and taints. The flavour standards form a part of your sensory practices, and will help you detect problems before they become costly mistakes.

Our GMP Soft Drink Flavour Standards represent the flavour attribute in the beverage itself. This increases the likelihood that you will be able to detect these flavours when you are just testing your product.

Each flavour standard is free from contaminants. They also have consistent flavour intensity and are fit for human consumption.

FlavorActiV has over 16 years’ experience in supplying flavour standards to beverage manufactures, and our products are robust enough to withstand shipping worldwide.

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