On-site Taster Training

Why is on-site Taster Training Important?

Be confident that your taste panel is producing consistently good results – FlavorActiV on-site taster training.

Soft drink taster training is important because any successful beverage company requires extensive sensory knowledge. Information such knowing the different flavour attributes, the origins of these flavours and using the best sensory practices for detecting them becomes indispensable. 

To enhance quality control it is vital to have a well trained and efficient taste panel that consistently produces good results. Detecting unwanted flavours in your beverage before it reaches the market can help you quickly source and resolve the problem before having to undertake any costly measures to amend the error and try to restore your brand name. That’s where FlavorActiV on-site taster training comes in. 

How can FlavorActiV help you?

We’ve recognised the need of our customers to concentrate on the quality of their beverages without worrying about the little details.

Managing a taste panel takes both time and effort, from the recruitment,screening and training of the panel to performing routine proficiency tests. The correct management and training of your taste panel has a direct effect on your tasters’ performance.

At FlavorActiV we have a team of highly skilled and experienced Global Sensory Managers who will assist taste panel leaders by offering them support and guidance to guarantee optimum results.

By allowing FlavorActiV to deliver a training programme, that will be tailored specifically to suit your sensory practices, you won’t have to spend time on the organising the logistics of the training, we will do it all for you!

Our multilingual Global Sensory Managers are available to travel to you site to deliver on-site taster training in your local language. Once training has been complete, our team will be in regular contact to assess and evaluate your taste panel’s performance.

For more information about our personalised training course please contact us.

You can also find out more about our team of Global Sensory Managers here.