Taster Validation System

“Spend more time on sensory than software”

We want the sensory panels we work with to spend more time focusing on tasting rather than assessing or using software.
Built to software industry standards using the latest systems and securely encrypted at site and during transmission to keep your data safe on-line and offline. Our FlavorActiV Taster Validation System is developed with assessors and taste panel leaders in mind. Easy, intuitive and quick to use your tasters will spend more time tasting products rather than analysing data or fighting with software options and configurations.

Our software is entirely web based so there’s no need to install or worry about systems integration and the software is fully compatible with legacy browsers as well as modern systems.

Our Taster Validation System allows the analysis of tasting data from a single sensory panellist through to the evaluation of an entire company with only a few clicks. Auto generated reports allow your panel leaders to quickly understand how they are doing against other breweries.

The FlavorActiV Taster Validation System contains tools that assist in helping our customers in managing their taste panels and tasters more effectively. Easy to understand and visually accessible these tools provide large amounts of contextual data quickly and efficiently – even with complex data such as flavour scaling:

Above are only a few examples of how our system reports sensory panel performance, we have implemented a number of unique and effective tools to help our customers fully understand their results. We can provide more details on request.

If you would like a demonstration of our Taster Validation System please get in contact with us where one of our Global Sensory Managers will be able to help you.