Taster Validation Scheme

FlavorActiV’s Taster Validation Scheme proficiency tests some of the largest brewery companies in the the world.

Over 360 sensory panels use our FlavorActiV Taster Validation Scheme and is the biggest such scheme in the world and the only one to use pharmaceutical grade quality flavour standards. We’ve been proficiency testing breweries for over a decade now.

TVS doesn’t just test your assessor’s ability to identify flavours but with FlavorActiV’s Rank Rating you can see how your tasters scale the intensity of flavours.

You’ll be able to determine the performance of your tasters, how effective each and everyone of them is and what their strengths and weaknesses are. This allows you to focus your training more effectively allowing a reduction in costs by tailoring specialised training programmes to each and every panel.

Our FlavorActiV Taster Validation Scheme allows you to:

  • Validate each of your sensory panels and confirm their performance
  • Provide individual feedback from each assessor, brewery, geographic location and across the whole company
  • Identify and understand your sensory panels strengths and weaknesses
  • Reduce costs by appropriately training your sensory panels
  • Test your panels on flavour intensity scaling as well as flavour profile identification

Simple, Easy and Effective.

As part of your customised Taster Validation Scheme, once every two months we’ll send each of your breweries a proficiency testing Taster Validation pack – this contains all of the tools you’ll need to test and validate your sensory panel.

From the Pharmaceutical grade quality flavour standards provided in an easy to use blister pack in a capsule format – unique to FlavorActiV. To all of the documentation you need and access to our internet based online Taster Validation System which is able to process your results simply and easily for you.

Assistance is provided to you via one of our Global Sensory Managers who’ll provide you with guidance and any help you will need. Our Global Sensory Managers speak over 14 languages and travel across the world to deliver site to site training.

Our Taster Validation Packs Provide you with:

  • GMP Taster Validation Flavour Standards in blind colour coded capsules
  • Simple easy to use, multilingual internet based software for data entry, result processing and feedback of your results
  • Answer sheets in number of languages
  • Direct managment and assistance via our Global Sensory Managers
  • Labels and stickers to help you mark jugs and cups

All you have to do is to provide the sensory assessors and the beer.

Not Just For Large Brewers

Our FlavorActiV Taster Validation Scheme is able to cater to the independent and craft brewers to help them assess their sensory panels performance. Using a special Taster Validation Scheme called Internetaster we are able to compare your performance against everyone else on the scheme anonymously. Providing you with the same statistical representative feedback the larger breweries have assess to.

For more information about joining our FlavorActiV Taster Validation Scheme please get in contact with us at enquiries@flavoractiv.com