Taster Validation Flavour Standards

As part of our FlavorActiV Taster Validation Scheme we provide double blind proficiency testing packs produced to GMP pharmaceutical quality levels.

Provided in pharmaceutical grade blister packaging for stability and easy use, our GMP flavour standards are presented in very easy to use large colour coded capsules and use the same flavour material your tasters train with on a regular basis.

Each Taster Validation Pack is double blind, only FlavorActiV knows the answers. Each sensory panel leader is able to use the pack to proficiency test their panel by simply dispensing the contents into a litre of beer. Results are provided by assessing FlavorActiV’s  Taster Validation System and inputting the answers of each panellist.

Each flavour standard is provided to the exact same GMP pharmaceutical quality level as our GMP Flavour Standards are for quality and consistency. Only FlavorActiV provides this level of quality, helping you to be sure your sensory panel is being tested correctly.