Beer Flavour Standards

Beer Flavour Standards For Sensory Panel Training and Proficiency Testing.

Our stabilised GMP Beer Flavour Standards are manufactured to GMP pharmaceutical quality levels, allow you to train your sensory panels in a range of flavours that can naturally or artificially occur in beer, helping you to reduce the risk that a poor quality product will reach the market.

FlavorActiv beer flavour standards are provided in pharmaceutical grade blister packs for stability, better protection from the environment and significantly easier to use. Just press out a capsule, pour the contents into a litre of beer to add the flavour and then begin training your sensory panel.

These flavours can range from positives, negatives, taints to mouth-feel. This can range from hops, esters, fatty acids, sulphurs and phenols. Please see our full range of GMP Beer Flavour Standards for further details.

Our Beer Flavour Standards can be used for:

  • Raw Material Tasting
  • In Process Tasting
  • Beer Acceptance and Release Quality Control Assessment
  • Expert Sensory Panels
  • Global Sensory Panels
  • Marketing and Consumer Preference Testing
  • Proficiency Testing of Sensory Panels – We also provide this service direct.

Please get in contact with us if you would like any information about how we may help you with sensory panel training or any of the above.

You can find out more in our Beer Flavour Standards product information section that contains detailed information about each flavour, as well as product specification and educational information from our exclusive GMP Flavorfiles.