Flavour Standard Training Tools

Educational Flavour Information for Professional Beer Sensory Panel Training

Included with our FlavorActiV GMP Beer Flavour Standards is a wealth of information to help to train sensory panel tasters. From the GMP Beer Flavour Standard packs, information on our website, documents we supply and training delivered by our Global Sensory Managers, we provide all you need to educate your sensory panel.

FlavorActiV Flavour Icons

Our FlavorActiV Flavour Icons provide a visual aid in learning, recognising and associating flavours. Each flavour icon provides an visual representation of the flavour character. FlavorActiV Flavour Icons are designed for sensory training and are specific to our products and services. From our GMP Flavour Standards, to training materials our FlavorActiV Flavour Icons are used to re-enforce the sensory education.

FlavorActiV Flavorfiles

Our Flavorfiles are a quick indexed way of learning and training your sensory panel in all the different sensory discriptors for the flavours that can be found in beer. For each FlavorActiV GMP Flavour Standard there’s a Flavorfile.

Each flavorfile provides detailed information on each flavour:

  • How to taste
  • The associated terms
  • The importance it plays in brewing
  • The origin of the flavour

You can find a copy of all of our Flavorfiles with each of our flavours in our product information webpage.