We’ve been helping the beer industry with taster training and taster management since 1996.

We train, manage and proficiency test over 5,000 beer sensory panellists in 200 countries around the world. You’ll find everything you need here to train, assess and manage your panellists.

Since 1996, FlavorActiV has specialised in supplying Beer Flavour Standards, Taster Management, Taster Validation for Taste Panellists, and Taster Training.

Flavour Standards help tasters to develop their ability to detect specific flavours found in beer.

Our team of Global Sensory Managers deliver training courses, education, taster management, taster validation management and assistance to our customers worldwide. With more than 14 languages spoken between them they are capable of delivering training across the globe.

Our Tasting Validation Scheme gives you the confidence that your panel is tasting to the highest level possible.

Our Craft Beer Sensory Kits are designed to help craft brewers, micro breweries and independents learn about identifying problem flavours.