14th IBD Africa Section Convention

Evelyne Canterranne will be attending the 14th IBD Africa Section Convention in Accra, Ghana. The convention will run from the 3rd March until the 8th March.

During the convention Evelyne will be presenting a poster about in-process sensory evaluations for beverage quality.

Evelyne will also be taking part in the African Beer Awards as a member of the judging panel.

If you would like to find out more information about the poster presentation or the African Beer Awards please contact evelyne.canterranne@flavoractiv.com


Why taste is all in the senses

Why taste is all in the senses

Have you ever wondered why no everybody experiences the taste of food in the same way? Read about how we use our senses to process flavour here.

2012 Drink Technology India

Global Sensory Manager Evelyne Canterranne will be attending this year’s Drink Technology exhibition in India. The exhibition will run from the 6-8th November in Mumbai. If you would like anymore information about Drink Technology India or would like to arrange to meet Evelyne during the exhibition please feel free to contact us: enquiries@flavoractiv.com

2012 China Brew and Beverage

Global Sensory Manager Tina Tian will be attending China Brew and Beverage. The 10th International Brew and Beverage processing technology and equipment exhibition for China will take place on the 19-22nd September in Beijing.

Tina will be giving a presentation about the importance of sensory evaluation and sensory taster management for beverage quality control.

If you would like more information about this year’s China Brew and Beverage or if you would like to find out more about Tina’s presentation, please contact enquiries@flavoractiv.com. 


2012 MBAA Rocky Mountain District Technical Summit

FlavorActiV sponsors the 2012 MBAA Rocky Mountain District Summit

FlavorActiV will be sponsoring the MBAA Rocky Mountain District 2012 Technical Summit. This biannual event will take place on the 22nd June in Denver, Colorado, USA.  During one of the technical discussions FlavorActiV will be sharing its insight to global beer tasting opportunities, illustrating how sensory assessments are used right through the supply chain.

For more information about the 2012 RMD Technical summit please visit their website here, or alternatively email enquiries@flavoractiv.com and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

The 2012 MBAA Convention

One of FlavorActiV’s Global Sensory Managers flew out to Puerto Rico earlier this month to attend the 2012 MBAA Convention.  Ronald Nixdorf  gave a presentation which was then followed by a taste session where participants were introduced to a number of our flavour standards.


The convention was held in Cerveceria de Puerto Rico and ran from Tuesday 29th May up until 3rd June.


If you would like more information about the convention please email Ronald on: Ronald.Nixdorf@flavoractiv.com

Boris Gadzov will open the 16th School of Fermentation Technology annual congress

FlavorActiV’s Boris Gadzov is currently in Krakow, Poland, where he will open the 16th School of Fermentation Technology’s annual congress. The congress is supported by Krakow’s University of Agriculture and will be attended by over 150 delegates. Boris will be presenting a paper about global beer tasting opportunities – explaining the expansion and importance of sensory evaluation both in-house and right through the supply chain. Please get in touch with Boris if you would like any more information about the conference and his paper at boris.gadzov@flavoractiv.com

Craft Brewers Conference and BrewExpo America

On the 2nd of May,Marie Pohler will be flying to San Diego,CA to attend the Craft Brewers Conference and BrewExpo America, where FlavorActiV will have a stand at the exhibition. The Conference and Expo is presented by the Brewers Association, which is a recognised leader in both the American and international brewing arena. The 3 day conference will serve both Brewpubs and Packaging Breweries who are invited to attend the informative and thought provoking seminars.

Please get in touch with Marie if you would like to discuss something at Craft Brewers Conference and BrewExpo America.

Updated Water FlavorFiles

Updated Water FlavorFiles

We have decided to update our Water FlavorFiles to give you the best learning aid to develop your water sensory knowledge. The Water FlavorFiles will guide you through the best tasting techniques and will also explain the reasons and origins of the off flavours and taints found in water. To download the complete set of Water FlavorFiles you can download them here, or visit our Resources section where you will also be able to download our Beer and Soft Drink FlavorFiles. If you have any questions about our updated documentation please contact us.

FlavorActiV To Improve Flavour Standard Range

FlavorActiV To Improve Flavour Standard Range

FlavorActiV to expand and improve flavour standard range in partnership with Quay Pharma

Taster management specialist FlavorActiV is improving the quality and range of its flavour standard products through a new partnership with specialist pharmaceutical manufacturer Quay Pharma.

The improved product range, which will be available around early 2012, are manufactured to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) pharmaceutical grade production standard – a requirement demanded by an increasing number of FlavorActiV’s global brewer and beverage customers and in excess of ISO 17025 industry standards. The flavours will be supplied in pharmaceutical grade packaging to ensure product quality, consistency and performance.

FlavorActiV has its own brand new purpose built, dedicated production and analytical area within Quay Pharma’s pharmaceutical production facility in Flintshire, north Wales.  A FlavorActiV-trained and managed expert panel will be available for sensory analysis and validation of flavour standards, as well as significant laboratory analytical equipment use.

The Quay Pharma facility and team in Flintshire, north Wales

Flavour standards are an essential tool in FlavorActiV’s core business of taster management: recruiting and training in-house tasting panels for its customers and then validating panel members’ tasting skills regularly to ensure drinks quality is maintained. Their flavour standards replicate the flavours generated by common faults in the production process and are supplied as capsules which dissolve rapidly to add the required flavour to a liquid such as beer.

As well as being used by tasting panels trained and validated by FlavorActiV, the products are widely used in the beverage industry in laboratory analysis of flavour issues.

Richard Boughton, FlavorActiV managing director, said: “Our move to Quay Pharma allows us to make a quantum leap in the quality of the products and services we offer customers, not just for beer but for beverage sensory needs. It delivers not just improvements in our existing products, but also in the stability of the flavours in our existing products, as well as the additional quality of pharmaceutical grade packaging. In addition, there is scope for further flavour innovation in the products we can offer customers.

“The use of a GMP-certified partner brings further improvements to the traceability and supply of these products, which our customers can see first-hand as we are conducting visits to our production facility.”

He added, “Our aim has always been to provide our clients with the best-trained, most rigorously-validated tasting panels and these new flavours will help us to achieve this.”