Taster Validation Software Supply

FlavorActiV provides the tools to our customers to train and manage their tasters, these tools range from direct support via our Global Sensory Managers to specialist software that allows proficiency testing of sensory panellists and remote management of training courses.

FlavorActiV has teamed up with Bliss Systems to develop our software tools. Recently our Taster Validation Scheme – the largest beverage proficiency scheme in the world – updated its software component. This software was specified by FlavorActiV’s team of Global Sensory Managers and coded by Bliss Systems. Our new Taster Validation Software came on-line in November 2011 and is the largest such software service in the world. This software is currently used by over 200 sites in the beer and beverage market and includes many of the world’s biggest companies as well as some of the smallest including craft and independent producers.

Bliss Systems are based in Wetherby and Oxford in the United Kingdom  and operate nationally. Bliss Systems are bespoke software developers with over 20 years of experience in developing specialist software. Using the latest software tools and systems Bliss Systems develop and maintain our exclusive software. Bliss Systems brings a number of significant improvements to the software we offer our customers:

  • Secure, independently checked software and systems – We recognise that our customer’s tasting data is important to us, our software and systems are securely encrypted not just on the system holding the data but during access as well over the internet. We use industry standard security protocols to keep this safe and is independently housed in a secure location fully compliant with UK data regulations – some of the toughest in the world.
  • Latest up to date software – Software changes over time and systems become more efficient and user-friendly. We are taking advantage of these new programming techniques. Bliss Systems provide us with all the benefits of modern systems and software that allow us to bring our Taster Validation and Management tools up to date. Results load quickly, graphs are dynamic and are not a one size fits all approach.
  • Streamlined user interface – Our software is a tasting tool, it’s there to support the taste panel. Our software uses a graphical interface that is simple and process efficient to navigate around. This streamlines the process of managing and validating tasters, allowing our customers to spend more time on their tasting rather than on the software.
  • Designed with our customers in mind – Our customers want software that’s easy, fast to use and is cross compatible on any existing system they have. Bliss Systems have built our software around this concept. Our software is fully compatible with all existing systems and even legacy internet browsers that no longer comply with current internet standards.

Bliss Systems provide a case study of our software on their website here.