GMP Flavour Standard Production – Quay Pharma

Quay Pharma are a UK Medicines Regulatory and Healthcare products Agency (MRHA) licensed and certified producer of pharmaceuticals. Based in Flintshire in Wales, UK, and with a dedicated purpose built FlavorActiV flavour standard production and quality controlled GMP laboratory, Quay Pharma has been producing all of FlavorActiV’s flavour standards and TVS packs from mid 2012.

With Quay Pharma’s significant scientific production and analysis background, including several PhD’s, a professor, over 150 combined years of experience and reformulating clinical products for many of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies. Quay Pharma has significant experience in flavours due to the requirements in excipients and additives for pharmaceutical production. Quay Pharma are expertly able to provide flavour standards at the same sensory experience our customers are used to but with a number of improvements to quality that FlavorActiV and our customers have been looking forward to:

  • GMP Production Standards – Quay Pharma Flavour standards are produced to the highest quality level possible that far exceeds ISO 9001 and ISO 17025, ensuring consistent product quality, full traceability of flavours, a guarantee that a flavour is fully replicated in whatever beverage its used in, confirmation that it’s absolutely safe for human consumption and no external contaminants or extraneous flavours will impact on the standard. ISO9001 and ISO17025  do not provide enough quality control for products that are intended for human consumption. Below you can find a comparison of GMP to ISO standards.
  • Dedicated FlavorActiV Production GMP laboratory – FlavorActiV has dedicated, specialised lab space built for the sole purpose of flavour standard production, formulation and validation. With specialist high / low contamination areas to eliminate cross contamination between flavour production.

  • Clinical Analytical Grade Laboratory Analysis – All Quay Pharma produced flavour standards are able to be analysed on an individual capsule basis at the quantitative and qualitative level. Ensuring that all Quay Pharma produced flavour standards are of the highest quality possible, that they contain exactly the right amount of flavour and they are free from other flavours or contaminants. All flavour standards are provided with a Certificate of Analysis guaranteeing their quality and exact concentration.
  • New Laboratory Analysis Methods – Quay Pharma have developed several new methods of flavour analysis to provide greater information about the exact consistency of our products. These methods are unique only to FlavorActiV’s forth coming products to bring you the best on the market.
  • Clinical Grade Packaging – Quay Pharma produced flavour standards are packed individually in clinical grade packaging. Individually sealed and packed capsules ensure that every flavour standard is as fresh as the day it was produced. Our clinical packaging will also much easier to use and to store than previous offerings.
  • Green Packaging – Our packaging will be switching to a new greener format, with less plastic packaging. Our GMP Blister Packaging format is 85% recycleble in addition to the lighter weight compared to traditional pot packaging.
  • FlavorActiV Trained and Managed Sensory Expert Panel – Our customers expect us to provide them with the best taster training and management, we understand that our customers expect this to also be applied to our forth coming products as well. We train, manage and validate an expert tasting panel at Quay Pharma who provide additional sensory feedback and quality control of our forth coming flavour standards. Our sensory panel has a dedicated tasting room in our GMP production facilities within Quay Pharma.