Global Sensory Manager – Katia Jorge

Katia is an Associate Global Sensory Manager based in Santa Maria (Rio Grande do Sul) who delivers taster management courses to our Brazilian customers. She graduated in Chemistry, has a Master’s Degree in Biochemistry, a Ph.D. in Food Science and specialising in Strategic Management, and is an Döemens Akademie/SENAC SP graduate (Brazil).

Katia leads FlavorActiV’s juices sensory division, and she also supports our work in the craft and coffee sectors in South America.

Katia has 23 30 years professional experience, having worked as University Professor, as Chemist in beer production, brewing research, beer tasting, and consulting to leading brewing companies and industry suppliers. She has worked for Brahma and Devassa Breweries in Brazil and VLB-Berlin in Germany, as a researcher. In addition to Katia’s extensive academic background she is also a Brew Master.

Katia has significant professional experience in water and soft drink sensory and quality control. From Research & Development in soft drinks she has experience in developing new flavours and drinks. Providing quality control at mineral water bottling and production to helping major beverage producers correct significant problems with water sources, during bottling, during transportation and ageing of the products.

She has been a part of the Associação Brasileira dos Profissionais em Cerveja e Malte (COBRACEM) team since 1999, and became vice-president in 2004. Katia is also a professional taster judge at the European Beer Star in Germany.

With FlavorActiV’s expanding market profile Katia will be assuming a far more direct role in Brazil across the whole of the beverage sensory markets, from craft brewing, soft drinks, waters and juices.

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+55 55 9927 88 83

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