Global Sensory Managers

Global Sensory Managers

Our team of Global Sensory Managers will help to train your taste panel in person on site, be it a brewery, beverage production or water operation. They bring with them expert knowledge on how to get the best out your tasters, advice on how to run taste panels and produce better results from tasting.

Our Global Sensory Managers can identify the best training for your needs and manage your tasters for you. The experienced team really can improve the quality of your product and help you avoid making costly mistakes.

All our Global Sensory Managers are multi lingual and are capable of conversing with our global customers in a number of different languages.

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Personal, Global Support.

Our Global Sensory Managers are able to provide you with support on a global level, from direct access to the best taster management experts in the world to on site delivery of training and taster management. They can deliver training direct to your tasters anywhere in the world as an when you need it.

Please get in contact with us if you would like to know more about how our Global Sensory Managers can improve your tasters and taster management.