About FlavorActiV

Who We Are

Since being founded in 1996 our FlavorActiV team has provided more than 20 years’ of beer and beverage quality management, professional sensory taste panel training and flavour standards. This experience comes from our own team and key supply partners which include professors, more than five doctorates, many sensory specialists, scientists and four experienced brew masters, two of whom are FlavorActiV’s directors. In addition to our sensory aptitude, all of our Global Sensory Managers are multilingual, delivering our products and services in over 14 different languages across the globe.

What We Do

In FlavorActiV, as well as delivering tasting services, we mainly provide the tools and training for our beverage customers to have high quality professional technical tasters in house. Our unique training and taster management systems are used around the world by most of the top breweries and beverage producers.
Our business and customer base has expanded to over 3000 individual breweries and beverage producers who use our products on a daily basis. Every day we welcome new customers who decide to improve their sensory and quality control systems by using our services.
Expertly trained tasters ensure products are within sensory specification and are able to detect any potential problems before reaching the customer. We  take ordinary people and turn them into great tasters better than any current analytical system by using a number of taster management systems to train, review and develop their abilities.
FlavorActiV is based near Thame, Oxfordshire in the UK and delivers training worldwide to our customers. In 2005, 2007 and 2011 FlavorActiV received the Queens Award, most recently in International trade and Innovation.


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