New GMP Flavour Standards

FlavorActiV has recently introduced several new flavours as part of it’s beer reference standard range – Astringent, Yeasty, Cooked Vegetable, Rotten Vegetable and Methional.

Astringent provides a tightening or puckering mouthfeel, representative of tannins and polyphenols imparted by hops and malts.

Yeasty imparts a general yeast flavour into beer.

Cooked Vegetable is a boiled cauliflower flavour and is produced by yeast during fermentation.

Rotten Vegetable imparts a boiled cabbage or rotten vegetable flavour, normally created during brewing from the heating of grains.

Methional provides a mashed or peeled potato flavour and is an oxidization product.

You can find more information on these flavour on our website or you can contact your Global Sensory Manager.

Our introduction of GMP Flavour Standards – the highest quality produced reference flavour standards available – has allowed us to expand our flavour range significantly and we will be introducing more flavours shortly.

– The FlavorActiV Team