Getting the Best from GMP Flavour Standards

GMP Flavour Standards are easy to use, but like everything there are a few tips and tricks to help you use them like an expert.

Easy Release

  • Push the capsule on the ends when it’s in the blister pack — this helps it to burst through the foil seal protecting it
  • The cardboard is designed to be disposable — if it gets wet or crumpled the capsules are still protected
  • The capsules are less brittle in our GMP packaging — you can be slightly more forceful in pulling them apart
  • Resist the temptation to use a capsule from a pierced blister — use a fresh one instead
  • Only push out the capsules you need for training — leave the ones you don’t need in the blister packs.

Making Your Samples

  • Add the contents of a capsule to 200ml of liquid first; this allows you to easily swirl the powder and mix the contents before topping up to 1 litre, ensuring an even dispersal of flavour. If you pour directly into 1 litre and leave it to stand some of the flavour won’t fully disperse.
  • Pour into liquid, not onto foam. Some beverages create quite a large amount of foam, if you pour a GMP Flavour Standard into foam the powder can get trapped in it. Wait for the foam to reduce and make sure it all goes into the liquid.
  • Don’t worry if all the powder doesn’t dissolve — most if not all of the flavour has been released and some of the bulking agents we use to help the powder flow take longer to dissolve. Just wait for 5 minutes as normal before tasting.
  • Taste within 5–20 minutes — our flavours are stabilised in a powder form however once in a liquid they behave like flavours again. Some will escape from a beverage if left for too long.
  • Each capsule produces the recommended training level for beverages in general, however some products may require more or less flavour. Strong ales, certain soft drinks and ciders can all mask some flavours very well. Additional capsules or one of our specialised products might help.
  • If you get a blister pack wet it won’t affect the other capsules if they are still in their blister pockets.

After Tasting

  • GMP Blister Packs can be recycled — just hold the pack inside our and remove the cardboard securing the plastic blister pockets. Re-cycle the cardboard normally, the plastic pockets should be disposed of in normal waste.
  • Capsules are food grade and can be disposed of in normal waste as well.
  • Once you’ve finished with the GMP Flavour Standards store them in a cool dry place away from strong odours and direct light. This will help keep them in perfect condition.

Never be afraid to ask for help — FlavorActiV’s team of Global Sensory Managers are here to assist you in your training and are capable of speaking over 15 different languages.

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