Vietwater 2011

FlavorActiV’s Marie Pohler will be presenting at the Vietwater Expo & Conference, where she will give a presentation about off-flavours found in water. Vietwater Expo & Conference is the leading industry meeting in Asia, and will take place from the 24th to the 26th of November in Ho Chi Minh City. The event which is run by Vietnam Water Supply and Sewage Association will address the pressing needs in the country for the supply of portable water and sanitation facilities. 10,000 buyers and decision makers will attend the variety of conferences and forums to find potential solutions and answers on water and water waste management.

Brau Beviale

Brau Beviale

FlavorActiV’s Managing Director, Richard Boughton, will be attending Brau Beviale in Nuremberg. Brau Beviale, a capital goods exhibition for the beverage industry, will take place this year on the 9th to the 11th of November.

SIBA Great Northern Beer Festival

One of our Taster Management Advisers Marie Pohler went to Manchester last month to train SIBA’s Great Northern Beer Festival judging panel. Marie held a one day tasting session on how to taste taints and off-flavours in beers. The seminar was open to all the judges at the beer competition, which hosted 250 cask beers and 100 bottled beers. To find out more information about SIBA please feel free to contact Marie at or visit the SIBA website.

Brau Beviale 2011

Brau Beviale 2011

FlavorActiV’s Managing Director, Richard Boughton, will be attending Brau Beviale in Nuremberg. Brau Beviale, a capital goods exhibition for the beverage industry, will take place this year on the 9th to the 11th of November. The exhibition will introduce the latest developments and trends in the production of beverages, including beers, wines and soft drinks. This year the exhibition will pay special attention to the development of technology.

New Taster Validation Scheme Software

New Taster Validation Scheme Software
New software from FlavorActiV streamlines Taster Validation Scheme
FlavorActiV is pleased to announce that we have launched a new software package which offers brewers and beverage companies greatly improved support to maintain the effectiveness of their in-house tasting panels.
The new, licensed software – the result of an extensive redevelopment programme by FlavorActiV – makes the process of taster validation easier, faster and more intuitive for the users, generally in-house tasting team leaders.

Taster validation is a core element of the service provided by FlavorActiV. The process tests the tasting ability of panel members and is carried out every two months. “The redesigned software is an integral part of our Taster Validation Scheme (TVS). Using the software to record validation results means our customers are able to spend less time on administration, more time on tasting,” says Dr Boris Gadzov, FlavorActiV director of taster management.

Taster validation is accomplished by sending a set of anonymous coded flavour standards to panel members. These are dissolved in beer or another beverage, and panel members try to identify the flavours. When the team leader enters the panel’s score, he is given an instant result for its accuracy level – a minimum score of 70% is required for a robust panel.

Further analysis is easy to do with the new system, enabling team leaders and others to pull up results on an individual, panel, site or company-wide basis, using the range of options provided for graphs and charts to display them.  Problems at all levels are easy to spot and remedy, usually through further training, before they cause any problems with beer or beverage quality.

FlavorActiV also offers remote analysis of the taster validation results, which it uses to shape the support offered by its team of Taster Management Advisers. It can also highlight broader issues, as Gadzov explains, “If we find, for example, that tasters globally are having trouble detecting a particular flavour, then we review how we train them to recognise it,” says Gadzov.

Features of the software include:

  • Multilingual capability, initially in English, Russian and Chinese
  • An intuitive, fully user-friendly process
  • Greatly improved speed and ease of use
  • A wider range of functionality and data manipulation
  • All results encrypted and securely stored
  • Encrypted connection to customer during access to the software

Gadzov comments: “Our starting point for the new TVS was our customers. We’ve listened carefully to them in order to make this improved version as simple to use as possible, while at the same making it even more effective in supporting their business.”