Brewers Guardian – Reinventing the Wheel

In April 2010 we contributed to Brewer’s Guardian Magazine in an article titled – Reinventing the Wheel. Our Managing Director Richard Boughton provided insight into where the next direction of the traditional Beer Flavour Wheel was headed.

“We have to put in place a flavour language which builds on what Morten Meilgaard originally did,” says Richard Boughton, managing directorof FlavorActiV, a global supplier of beer flavour training and products. “The work done by Meilgaard was a fantasticstep forward … but since then we have moved on massively from the flavour wheel with the flavour language now used by our brewery customers..”

You can download a PDF copy of the Article here: Brewers Guardian Article March-April 2010 Reinventing the Wheel

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