FlavorActiV adjudicates Taster of the Year 2010

FlavorActiV adjudicates Taster of the Year 2010

The results for SABMiller’s annual competition – Taster of the Year – have been announced.

For a third year running their top taster has been a woman, Carmen Herrera Benitez from Compañia Cervecera de Canarias in the Canary Islands fought off completion from over 2,000 beer tasters to become SABMiller’s Taster of the Year 2010. The competition was stiff with tasters across the world taking part from across the world from several of SABMiller’s key sites and global operations.

FlavorActiV provided independent adjudication of the tasting results. FlavorActiV supports SABMiller’s tasting operations and sensory systems worldwide with taster management and training.

We would like to congratulate Carmen Herrera Benitez and all the other participants who took part in the competition.

Further details about SABMiller’s Taster of the Year 2010 can be found here.

Welcome to FlavorActiV’s New Website

Welcome to FlavorActiV’s New Website

Welcome to FlavorActiV’s new look website, please take your time to look around the site. We’ll be updating this new look website on a regular basis and providing you with information and advice about tasting, running taste panels, industry news and providing some resources and information to help you in the tasting room.

Please feel free to send any comments about the website, or if you have any problems with it addressed to marketing@flavoractiv.com

We’ll be gradually introducing more content on to the site over the next few days, we’ll post information here on the front page and for those of you following us on Twitter you’ll see our Tweets.

We’ll also be creating other language versions of our website over the next year.

FlavorActiV – on Twitter and YouTube

FlavorActiV has had a Twitter page for several months now but now we also have a YouTube channel as well.

We intend to improve communications with our customers and the on-line beer enthusiast, independent and craft brewer community. We’ll be using social media tools to help us deliver information right to you.

Our last five tweets on twitter can be found at the bottom of this page and will be regularly updated, you can also find a direct like to our twitter page here.

Our YouTube Channel will be used for videos of our presentations we have made at conferences, videos of best tasting practice and how to run taste panels. We’ll be adding plenty of content over time. You can also find all of these videos in our Taster Advice Section.

Craft Brewers Conference – San Francisco 2011

The Craft Brewers Conference is to be held in San Francisco this year on the 23rd to the 25th of March 2011. The CBC will showcase different American Craft Brewers from the Area while providing a background of education within brewing.

Our Taster Management Adviser, Marie Pohler, will be attending this year and will be happy to meet with anyone who wants to discuss our products or would simply like to chat.

Tasting Knowledge

Tasting Knowledge

Our Tasting Knowledge section of the website will give you advice on tasting a range of flavours that can occur in beers and beverages. We’ll be adding more information to this section over time.

We added some information regarding the tasting of ester flavours to the Tasting Knowledge page. We’ll be adding in information about phenols soon.

If you want to see something in particular about how to taste or have any questions you would like to ask us please email us at marketing@flavoractiv.com